What it takes to create a blog using JekLog?

Github Pages used to host blog files

Login using GitHub

Login to our app using GitHub. This will be used to create repositories that will be used as the store house of the code.

I have a GH account Create new
Create Repository

Create a Repository

Create a repository using our app. This repository will be used to keep the content on the website using GitHub.

Create the repository
Publish blog by pushing to GitHub pages

Start Publishing

Now start writing your posts and the posts will be directly visible on your newly created blog. Share it with your friends.

Publish your first post

Found an Issue?

Found an Issue or Unable to find how to make it work. Feel free to report it using GitHub issues and help us provide better services. Hit the button below and reach the issues list of the JekLog project. Please search the issue list before opening a new issue to see if the issue is already reported.

Is there something that you want us to add! No worries. Just create a feature request.

About us @ JekLog

Jeklog: Jekyll static-site on GitHub Pages

Our aim is to provide a seamless service so that you guys can get a static-site generated in less than 2 minutes. For this you just need to do three things:

Login using GitHub.
Create your repository( blog name).
Enter your site data.

This is all you need to do. Finally, you will go home with a beautiful and fast static site. That will serve your purpose. Anytime you will want to post some content on your website. Come back, login to your account and start posting. No need to take extra lessons to write markdown. Which is one of the greatest hassle for a user on creating a blog on Jekyll.

Check the sample Jekyll-Now free blog template

Ranvir Singh (Founder)

A web developer from India. A coding and Linux enthusiast who wants to learn as many things as possible. A FOSS lover and an open source contributor. He has also participated in Google Summer of Code 2017 with AboutCode organisation. You can find his blog at http://blog.ranvirsingh.me.

In his free time, you can find him reading his favourite fiction or playing football( Soccer as they call it in US).

Founder @ JekLog

Technologies we use to create Jekyll blog on JekLog

Jekyll the static site generator for jeklog


A static site generator for GitHub pages which is used to create blogs using this app.

Jekyll the static site generator for jeklog


Python web development framework and our web app is developed using this platform.

Github to store files of Jeklog blogs

GitHub pages

GitHub to host the content of the website and Pages will deliver the content on demand.

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Creative tim theme

Thank you, for providing the key thing for the development of this web app Free theme.

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Digital Ocean

We are hosting our files online using leading server space provider digitalocean.

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